How to Deal With Monsters (for we are all one)

What am I to do

about the monstrousness of man?

“Never forget” our victims?

How does that suffice?


But to “never forget” must be enough,

because it is all I can do.

For I cannot undo the fabric of time,

and cherish a soul once in despair.


So, we shall push forward!

If we linger – even after death –

(although their souls embody the flesh of rabbis and humanitarians in this generation)

they’d be crowned victorious once more.


For it’s our obligation:

to the forgotten and deceased,

living and cherished,

to “never forget.”


Because if forgotten,

they’d be ash once more.

Silenced by us; murdered by them,

left floating in the night sky.


For it also becomes our burden:

to cope with the horrors inside;

and to live beside our brethren,

whose souls are where monsters hide.